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Vietnamese cuisine is highly regarded as one of the world's best, but few realize the variations that are found in the regional cuisines. Just like the country's geographical divisions, the food can also be separated in to South, Central, and Northern style. The experts at LV travel have created this tour with a focus on food! As you travel up the coast on this twelve day tour, experience the best Vietnamese culture, history, beaches, and food, all the while staying in luxury hotels. With exclusive cooking courses and meals at top restaurants, this tour is sure to please the taste buds.

Start your tour in the vibrant, modern city of Ho Chi Minh, where glimpses of French-Indochina architecture peek through the rows of new skyscrapers. Cooking courses in Ho Chi Minh city and a visit to the floating markets of the Mekong Delta are the perfect introduction to the flavors of the country's cuisine. The cuisine of South Vietnam has been influenced by the cuisines of the Khmer people and thus Southerners prefer sweet flavors in many dishes. As a new land, the South's cuisine is more exotic and liberal, using many herbs.

Central Vietnam is home to the quaint coastal town of Hoi An and the former Imperial Capital of Hue. These two cities are as rich in culture as they are in cuisine, and guided tours will give you insight in to the history of the region. In Hoi An, spend the afternoon cooking with a local family who, for generations, have been growing the regions best vegetables. And no culinary tour to Vietnam would be complete without a visit to Hue, where demanding standards of the former emperor's evolved in to a 'royal cuisine' unmatched elsewhere in the country.

Finish your tour in the North, where the cuisine is more traditional and strict in choosing spiciness. The cradle of Vietnamese civilization, many of the country's most famous dishes (such as pho) have their birthplace in the North. Brave the bustling streets of Hanoi's old quarter to uncover the secrets of the local chef's delicacies, and head out to the tranquil waters of Halong Bay to enjoy a culinary feast aboard a luxurious colonial-replica boat.

Experience the wonders of Vietnam's culture and cuisine as you travel in style on LV travel Culinary Delights tour.