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Our Laos ‘Luxury’ collection features some of the top hotels and resorts in the country and caters to the discerning traveler who enjoys the finer things in life. Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia are rapidly catching up with neighboring Thailand with regards to luxury travel, with deluxe accommodation, award winning spas and world-class golf courses. With a plethora of luxury destinations and resorts to choose from you may wish to customize an itinerary that suits your needs.

Discover the distinctive charm and beauty of Laos in this journey through the kingdom formerly known as Lang Xang, the Land of Million Elephants. Staying in some of Indochina's most elegant hotels you will have the opportunity to taste the unique atmosphere in Luang Prabang as well as see enigmatic Vientiane. Along the way you will be enchanted and fascinated by this extraordinary Buddhist country noted for her genuinely friendly people and languorous pace of life.

Luang Prabang is one of Asia's most beautiful towns. A unique blend of temples and colonial buildings set between two rivers and a range of limestone mountains, it is one of the last Shangri-la's in the world. Designated a UNESCO World Heritage site, the architectural heritage of the city has been preserved, and no tall buildings mar the townscape. This ancient town is resplendent with well-preserved Buddhist temples, pagodas and tree-lined riverbanks. We will bring you deep into the limestone caverns of the Pak Ou Caves to see the repository of Buddha statues and up Mount Phou Si to capture the spectacular panorama of the town. You will have time to observe and partake in the giving of food items to saffron-clad monks as they stroll along the streets during their daily alms collection at dawn as well as pick up an assortment of textiles and handicrafts in the bustling hill tribe night market.

A flight south will take you to Vientiane, the capital city of Laos, located along the Mekong River. Resembling a small town more than a capital, Vientiane still maintains the handsome majesty and grandeur of its colonial yesteryears with its ample French-inspired buildings and wide boulevards. You also have the opportunity to learn the finer aspects of Lao culture heritage through its fine cuisine and traditional crafts besides enjoying an aromatic brew of the local coffee by the riverbanks of stately Mekong River.