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A fantastic journey through three Southeast Asian nations, discover the best of best, explore the treasures of 6 world heritages sites and many intangible heritages. The Cuisine, Culture and World heritages Discovery of Indochina, a groundbreaking journey featuring superb food and cultural immersion coupled with Lac Viet travel.
This Indochina loop is an cultural and heritage adventure encompassing the ancient cultures of Vietnam , Cambodia and Laos . You will land to Luang Prabang, Laos , then fly to Vietnam and end your journey in Siem Reap , Cambodia .

The trip has many highlights: We explore the historical sites of Hue, Hoi An, Myson in Vietnam , cruise in the wonder of the famous Halong Bay , discover other Unessco World Heritages Sites of Luang Prabang Town in Laos and Angkor Wat in Cambodia . Teeming with history, marvelous architecture and awash in natural beauty, Cambodia is fast becoming a must see destination in Inchina. The largest religious monument ever built, Angkor Wat ranks at the top of globetrotting VIP - must see list of wonders in the word.
This tour focus on 6 World Heritages Sites, highlights, culture and cuisine of Indochina, that makes this tour of Indochina so unique and special. You will interact with local people of 3 countries in one destination.